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“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances...„

Adnan is a music producer, DJ, owner of Big Bells Records, and resident DJ at Proton Radio from Los Angeles. Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina and now living in Stuttgart, Germany. As a music producer, he is active for over nine years and till now he had over 80 different releases on labels from Argentina up to New Zealand.

In 2012 Adnan was invited by world-famous Mahmut Orhan to make an official remix of Mahmut's track "There Is No End". Also Adnan's track "The Lizard King" has over 220.000 plays and Spotify and his profile monthly have over 2.500 plays.

His track "Afraid of Happiness" was the soundtrack for the movie "Electronic Heart" recorded in Los Angeles, USA.

In 2017 prestigious Mixmag Adria selected his track "The Lizard King" in the Top 20 best release for 2017 and also his remix Chris Sterio & Alex Y's track "Different Direction" was selected in the Top 15 best remixes for 2019 by Mixmag Adria. 

Up till now, Adnan released his music on labels such are Bonzai Progressive,  DAR Digital, Mistique Music, OLD SQL Records, Balkan Connection, AH Digital, Suffused Music, Another Life Music, Just Movement, Big Bells Records, Modern Agenda, and many others.

Other information 

Project: Adnan Jakubovic, Adnan
Active: since 2005

Nationality: Bosnian

City: Stuttgart, Germany

Labels: Big Bells Record, Bonzai Music, Balkan Connection, Just Movement, etc.

Radio: Proton Radio [Los Angeles]

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