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Adnan Jakubovic - Big Bells 095 [June 2021] [Proton Radio]

Big Bells Podcast number 95 is here. We will soon reach episode number 100 and this will be a big celebration. The episode for June 2021 was recorded for Proton Radio from San Francisco and it will be uploaded on Soundcloud, Youtube, and Mixcloud channel.

For this episode, we are inviting you to pick your favorite tune and vote for it. Every month we will select a winner and this track will be uploaded to our Big Bells Music Instagram profile. Last month winner was Hacobb - The Sunrise Washed Your Eyes [Manual Deep]

Our Spotify Playlist: Our Youtube channel: Website: &

Every month we are inviting you to vote for the TUNE OF THE MONTH from our podcast series Big Bells Podcast at Proton Radio from San Francisco. Please take a moment and vote for your favorite tune.

01. Nosssia - My North (Tibor Dragan remix) [Zenebona] 02. Domased Electronica - 1001 Nights Stories (Part 1) [Soundteller Records] 03. Chris Sterio, Downgrooves - Freedom (Neptun 505 Remix) [Big Bells Records] 04. Ignacio Salgado - Arka [Droid9] 05. J.P. Velardi, Adri Pacheco - Inertial (Juani Otatti Remix) [AH Digital] 06. Hacobb - Anemoesa [MNL215] 07. DOMO (ES) - Nebula [Truesounds Music] 08. Evelynka, Sasho Derama - Lost In These Games (Analog Context Remix) [Truesounds Music] 09. Browncoat - At An End (GMJ & Matter Remix) [JEE Production] 10. Bach Wrecker & Lugubre - Karttikeya (Original Mix) [Univack] 11. Soulmade (AR) & Rockka - Other Side (Original Mix) [Big Bells Records]

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