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Adnan Jakubovic charts for October 2020 [Progressive / Melodic House]

What are your favorite songs for this October 2020?

Hello guys,

I hope you all are safe from COVID-19 at your homes or work offices. I must say it's a really hard time for all DJs, Clubs, Promoters, Event Services, and other people in the entertainment industry with everything closed since March 2020. I must say it's been 2 years since I had my real event, a real party in a club with people dancing around. I miss this, I miss the feeling of music and people dancing to it...but there is no much what we can do, we must stay productive, make music, make a podcast, release music and keep electronic music and club culture alive. Well, to do my part as DJ and music producer I keep promoting other people's music on my Big Bells Podcast series and also making monthly charts at Beatport.

Here I selected my favorite sixteen tracks for October 2020 from artist and labels such are RML, Awen Records, Simos Tagias, Kintar, Ed Steele, Rick Pier O'Neil, Sinan Arsan, Mass Digital, Balkan Connection, FULL LIST HERE:

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