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Adnan Jakubovic for Underground Therapy with Jayy Vibes from Sri Lanka

Hi friends. Last month I was invited by my friend Jayy Vibes from Sri Lanka to make an exclusive one-hour mix for his Underground Therapy. This episode was 404 (cool number) and it was played on Yes 101 radio.

On a stream and a few days, later a got really great responses about this mix, and my Facebook profile and Facebook Artist page got a lot of new followers. I was really moved by the passion and messages I got from people who had a chance to hear my mix, thank you, guys. Now for those who missed my mix, now there is a chance to hear it on my Mixcloud profile with full tracklist. Thank you for listening to me and supporting my music.

Please support my page by subscribing. Cheers, Adnan

01. RYAN - Natural Sound [RYNTH]

02. Midnight Traffic - Light Year (Ampish Remix) [Mango Alley]

03. Isaac Differding - Empathy [Balkan Connection]

04. Chiari - Logamuse [Where The Heart Is]

05. R-YA - Bhunera [Big Bells Records]

06. Kenan Savrun - Epilogue [Mango Alley]

07. Alan Cerra - The Bridge [Mango Alley]

08. Michael A - Slow Down (Original Mix) [Genesis Music]

09. Leo Perez - Indico (Hasith Remix) [One Of A Kind]

10. Soulmade (AR) & Rockka - Other Side (Original Mix) [Big Bells Records]

11. Browncoat - At An End (GMJ & Matter Remix) [JEE Production]

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