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Big Bells Podcast - December 2020 (Proton Radio)

The last episode of Big Bells Podcast for this year is here. This year we were members of Frisky Radio and from May 2020 we joined Proton Radio since our label Big Bells Records is also part of the big Proton Radio family. It was a very hard year for all of us who are in the music industry. A COVID-19 pandemic stoped a whole world, with no events, no gigs, no parties, no festivals. There was not much to do, only to stay at home, to play, make online streams and produce.

Still, we tried to keep the "wheel rolling" to keep the art alive and to give back the joy to people again. As labels we had a successful year and as a podcast too. Our mixes you can find after they are streamed on Proton Radio on sites such are Soundcloud, Youtube and Mixcloud and also our exclusive Spotify Playlist.

Full tracklist: 01. Enigmatic & Mazze - For Our Hearts [The Purr]

02. Mariner + Domingo - Who Do You Want To Be [The Purr]

03. NAHS, Polo (AR) - Look for a Reason (Lucas Rossi Remix) [Balkan Connection South America]

04. Nik Nazarov - Above The Clouds (D.Gol'man Remix)

05. Arzuk, Nazarud - Eonia [Electronic Tree]

06. Mayro - Duality [Balkan Connection South America]

07. Evegrem - White Soul (Missus Remix) [One Of A Kind]

08. Kenan Savrun - Meliora (ThinkDeep Remix) [Another Life Music]

09. Yudi Watanabe - Bloom [Future Avenue]

10. Kenan Savrun - Meliora [Another Life Music]

11. Gate 44 - Omega (Bodai Remix) [Big Bells Records]

Also, you can check out SpotifyPlaylist from our podcast series and please hit the follow button.

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