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Exclusive 2 hours live audio & video mixing for Progresivna Suza's 2nd anniversary.

This was really special... A few weeks ago I was invited by my good friends from Progresivna Suza to join and make one interview as producer and DJ, where I had a chance to speak about myself, my music, and how it all started and where are we now and how did the COVID-19 pandemic influence the music industry. A whole interview you can read here.

Now, this month Progresivna Suza is celebrating their 2nd birthday and I was more than happy with their invite to make an exclusive two-hour of live audio and video mix. Video is recorded at my home in Böblingen, Germany.

It was quite a journey to make this all alone, trying to set the right video and audio effects, but in the end, I managed and the video is made and already shared and uploaded on Youtube. Full tracklist I don't have yet, but I will upload it soon. If you want please follow my Facebook page because there I will share it next week or two.

I want to say one more thank you Progresivna Suza for inviting me to your 2nd birthday anniversary it was really a special moment and I am also pleased because a lot of people have positively responded to my music and my mixing.

Line up for 2nd Progresivna Suza Birthday. Subandrio, East Cafe, Lukai, Adnan Jakubovic and others.
Massive line up for 2nd birthday of Progresivna Suza. Subandrio, East Cafe, Lerr, Adnan Jakubovic, Lukai and others.

This mix you can also listen to on my Mixcloud profile.

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