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The Best Bells of 2020 [Big Bells Records]

Label: Big Bells Records Release date: 04. January 2020 Pre-Order: 28. December 2020

Tracks by: Adnan Jakubovic, ALPHA21, Aman Anand, Bodai, Cmb CruZz, Da Luka, Echo Daft, Fanatic Funk, Gate 44, M3SIA, RML, Rockka, Sinan Arsan, Stereo Munk.

01_Gate 44 - Omega (Bodai Remix) [Big Bells Records] 02_ALPHA21 & Rockka - Tirsuli (STEREO MUNK Remix) [Big Bells Records] 03_Fanatic Funk - Syndicate (Gate44 Remix) [Big Bells Records] 04_Adnan Jakubovic - Moans Of Sand (Aman Anand Remix) [Big Bells Records] 05_M3SIA - Cockaigne [Big Bells Records] 06_STEREO MUNK - Octavia (Da Luka Remix) [Big Bells Records] 07_Adnan Jakubovic - Moans of Sand (Echo Daft Remix) [Big Bells Records] 08_Sinan Arsan - In a Row [Big Bells Records] 09_ALPHA21 & Rockka - Tursuli (Cmb Cruzz Remix) [Big Bells Records] 10_RML - Sueno [Big Bells Records]

ABOUT Our second year and our first compilation.

We had a really nice year at Big Bells Records, with really good and quality releases. Big Bells Records is getting more quality releases and most of all we are getting people with talents in one place, at our label.

When we started with our podcast in 2013 we had the plan to start with a label too, it' took us more than we expected but we are here, and our 13th release is ready too.

2020 was brutal hard for the music industry and for our friends in the music world, all producer, DJs, event staff, promoters, clubs, and others. We must show respect and gratitude to people who despite this situation never gave up on music.

This compilation is for them and it includes some of our favorite tunes that were released on our label. Thank you guys for joining us and for keeping the music alive.

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